Our company was founded in 2001 by three professional specialists of the printing industry, ex team members with shared working experience of decades. Our CEO has been actively working in the printing industry since 1971. His team has completed several machinery relocation, commissioning, and overhaul projects over the years. We have worked in most European countries, in Russia, Iran, South Korea, and China.

In Hungary we participated in numerous projects such as the greenfield investment of the former Ringier Printing House (Mediaworks) with two newspaper presses at Harbor Park, Budapest. Furthermore we installed the first 64 pages heat­set machine for Zrínyi Printing House (Member of EDS Group).

As we keep on updating our services and knowledge we were able to extended our activity further on to the field of light industry:

  • Industrial automation
  • Custom HMI applications
  • Software development
  • Online services
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Qualifications and experiences:

Owners and employees:

  • Certified mechanical engineer
  • Certified electrical engineer
  • Computer programmer
  • Computer engineer
  • Printing machine mechanic
  • Hoist operator

Our long years of well­ tested, secure and uninterrupted cooperation with our subcontractor network allow us to provide experts for all of the related fields.

Permanent subcontractors:

  • Printing instructor
  • Steel construction team
  • IT and network team
  • Electrical construction team
  • Transportation team